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For your Intelligent traffic management

bitsensing’s Augmented Imaging Radar (AIR) traffic solution offers advanced multi-lane detection technology for real-time traffic management that allows smart route planning by improving the traffic flow-meaning less travel times and congestion - but more importantly to bring road safety, autonomous driving and smart cities.

It can be used at intersections, highways, or to enforce speed which effectively replaces intrusive loops and cameras as it works in all weather conditions, dust, lighting, and temperature. Also real-time traffic data/statistics can be collected for policy makers / researchers to determine infrastructural needs or policy making.

Our FHD camera integrated traffic radar accurately detects vehicles in high resolution over multi lanes (up to 4 lanes, 128 vehicles simultaneously) with ITS certified first class accuracy covering 300m range to provide various data you need.

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We offer non-intrusive, simple, cost effective and a sustainable solution. It can be easily mounted on existing infrastructure and does not need intensive maintenance road works unlike loops. It can even optimize the use of existing infrastructure. It is easy to install, no extra controller nor additional accessories are needed. It is very important that it is cost effective solution because studies show there are greater traffic death rate in lower income countries but with our cost effective yet powerful traffic radar solution we can provide road safety for everyone and we believe safety should be guaranteed regardless the wealth.

Make your city smart with our traffic radar

With our patented real-time traffic information collection technology using IoT-RADAR integrated with Big data & algorithm, it will improve traffic flow and enhance road safety through smart traffic light actuation, dilemma zone protections or improved road enforcement. However, more importantly the traffic data collected and cumulated can be used to build layers of real-time dynamic map and specific route planning which will be the foundation of building a smart city and infrastructures for self-driving cars.


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Detection Range 1.5 ~ 300m
Range Accuracy (bigger of) ±2%, < 0.2m
Number of Lanes 1~4 lanes
Speed ±300kph
Speed Accuracy (bigger of) ±1%, < 1km/h
Field of View ±15°
Refresh Time 50msec
Simultaneously tracked objects Up to 128


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