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Ensuring passenger safety

mini V reliably detects In-Car passenger presence and monitors passenger’s vital signs such as heartbeat and respiration rate. Detecting passenger location within the car is important to ensure maximum safety especially in autonomous driving, but also to ensure safety of children in cars which is becoming ever more important as the U.S and European safety regulators are making the Rear Occupant Alert system mandatory for car manufacturers. Furthermore with vital sign monitoring capabilities, mini can be even used to identify if any passengers are left unattended in case of emergencies such as car crashes.

Also it can provide Driver Monitor System (DMS) as the radar sensor also recognizes gestures of the driver to detect drowsiness, send out distraction warnings or offer post-crash monitoring.

Child Protection – Rear Occupant Alert

Child presence detection system also known as Rear Occupant Alert(ROA) aims to avoid hot-car deaths of unattended children. All cars need to be able to detect to detect presence of a child in the back seat that can alert the driver in case any children are left in the car. According to EURO NCAP roadmap, car manufacturers needs to offer this feature. With our radar sensor you can not only detect child presence but also can detect occupant’s vital signs to monitor any abnormalities. Some ROA systems alert the driver if any movement is detected after the car has been locked but with bitsensing’s mini V, you can monitor and be alerted in real-time. More importantly it does not create any privacy concerns as it doesn’t rely on cameras for presence detection which is more important when all passengers are required to be monitored in autonomous driving.

Our world’s smallest yet advanced compact mini V is easy to install as it works contactlessly, and can be hidden anywhere in the car without damaging vehicle’s interior or exterior, does not disrupt seatbelts, works in any light condition (Day or Night), cost efficient, in high speed cars and can be easily customised.


Our contactless compact radar senses beyond the walls so it can be installed simply at the same time quells the privacy concerns as it does not rely on cameras. Therefore it can be used wherever person detection and vital sign monitoring is needed.


Detection Range 1.5 ~ 300m
Resolution 2.5cm
Detects Motion Gesture, Falling
Vital Signs Respiration, Heartbeat
Field of View ±65°
Cycle Time 50msec


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