Augmented Imaging Radar for real-world autonomous driving

Automakers need an innovative radar that provides high resolution, longer range detection with greater angular accuracy and object classification to meet the safety regulations and real-world driving needs as well as being cost effective to be commercially viable.

AIR 4D provides high resolution 4D imaging radar. It is the only imaging radar that uses Multi-Chip Cascading technology which improves target detection and resolution remarkably. It delivers reliable detection beyond 300+ meters and wide Field of View of 130º. By tracking objects in azimuth, elevation and velocity AIR 4D can provide high resolution point cloud with longer range detection, greater accuracy and more reliable object classification at automotive grade. It will enable autonomous driving by providing not only road planning or driving assistance like collision avoidance in autonomous driving but also by solving complex problems like the Euro NCAP cut-in and cut-out and Steering Support scenarios for fully automated driving.

AIR 4D can deliver perfect safety and meet driving needs for autonomous driving by overcoming the challenges that today’s automotive sensors are facing – vulnerability under difficult weather conditions like heavy rain and fog and questionable commercial viability due to high cost. AIR can bring down the cost significantly not only because radar can provide more cost efficient solution but because it can replace most of the sensors used in automotive while maintaining the high performance.


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