Customised to meet specific needs

Advance Driver Assistance System in passenger vehicle offers safety features like advanced cruise control, forward collision warnings and automatic emergency braking and more. These features are proven to reduce road fatalities as it minimizes human error and prevents road accidents. These can also be used in industrial vehicles which can be more hazardous and fatal.

Radar is the only sensor that works in all weather and light conditions, that penetrates fog or dust, making it the most reliable sensors in autonomous vehicles with added velocity information. They are also cost efficient as it can replace most of the other automotive sensors – less sensor fusion – while enhancing the performance brining fully automated driving and smart cities closer.

We offer customised automotive radar solution to meet complicated and different types of needs of passenger and industrial vehicle - powered by expert teams with more than 10 years of experience of design, develop and mass producing automotive radar.

  • High resolution
  • Robust in all
    weather and light
  • Cost effective


For technical specifications you can download it

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